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Chocolate Dipped

Is your mouth watering yet? We bake our chocolate dipped cookies in either white, milk or dark fine Belgian chocolate. Want even more chocolate dazzle? Add another layer with contrasting chocolate drizzle for a dramatic, sophisticated look and taste. Guaranteed to delight even the most discerning chocoholic. Call for pricing on adding chocolate drizzling to dipped cookies.

Our Party Colored fortune cookies are all dressed up in glorious colors (click the image above to see it larger). Best of all, we can bake any flavor or color of cookie and dip it in any color chocolate…oh the possibilities!

We now offer Custon Color Matched Chocolate Dipped fortune cookies. Besides the 17 luscious colors shown above, we can custom match just about any color you send us for the ultimate in branding. You can order our classic vanilla (pictured above) or any combo of colored cookie and colored dipping for spectacular effects.

Caramel Dipped

Yes they taste as good as they look—luscious, sweet caramel dipping. We think it’s especially fabulous on these flavors: of course red apple or green apple, cappuccino, chocolate, vanilla, graham cracker, gingerbread and our personal pick: pumpkin pie. Best of all, caramel dipped cookies can ship year ’round without special packing for hot weather or additional shipping charges. This is comfort food with flair!


ITEM (3RS)5001,0005,00010,000
Chocolate dipped original
(with or without sprinkles)
Chocolate dipped flavors
(with or without sprinkles)
Color matched chocolate dipped (all flavors)1.471.441.401.31
Caramel dipped, all flavors2.001.951.901.83