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Sizzle Shred

This colorful crinkly shredded paper adds a festive touch while also cushioning your fortune cookies.

* We can get sizzle shred in just about any color under the sun, plus many color combos—just ask!
* This is another way the color scheme for your event or promotion can be tied into your cookie presentation.
* For maximum effect, pick a color that contrasts with the color of the cookies.
* Your recipients will also appreciate that sizzle shred doesn’t make a mess like other confetti-type fillers. Who wants to clean a pile of glitter off their desk?
So have fun picking fun colors, or ask our consultants for help.


Here are some of the standard choices:

Sizzle Shred Pricing

Shred prices are quoted per project depending on size of container. If you’re doing your own fulfillment, you may order sizzle shred in bulk.