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More Holiday Examples

SafteyNet, an IT solutions provider, wanted to send corporate gifts that reflected their young, vibrant team. So they crafted a fun series of messages that were sure to bring a smile to their clients. The IT-themed fortunes included:

  • 404 Fortune Not Found
  • Lucky numbers: 231 94 41 100
  • Confucius says: Choose an IT provider
  • wisely and you will have less worries.
  • Lucky Numbers: 231 94 41 100

(By the way, all the “lucky” numbers were the same—their phone number.)

We created gourmet, chocolate dipped fortune cookies to match their blue and green corporate colors and imprinted the fortunes with their logo, also in color. We then packed the cookies in beautiful matching boxes and drop shipped them all over the country to more than 100 locations. No 404 error here!!!