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We’ve got you colored!

TOP ROW: Bling cookies, dipped in white chocolate then sparkled

BOTTOM ROW: Party Colored cookies…we can create any color of the rainbow

NOTE: Any color or flavor of fortune cookie can be dipped in bling or party colored chocolate.

Customize is our middle name


We’ll work with you to match any company colors, use logos, create custom messages, make all the packaging customized to you or your clients’ desires. We’re magicians!

To make your life easier, we’re offering free virtuals and free spec samples for you or your clients.

Just contact the owner of Fancy Fortune Cookies, Erin Jump Fry, and she’ll be delighted to help you make a dazzling—and delicious presentation. 888-776-6611.

We can even offer you design services for client mock-ups or finished artwork, so that any design you choose can have additional matching elements.