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When Oprah calls, you bake cookies like crazy.

Oprah used our cookies on her show.



You know she LOVED them when she ordered them AGAIN!

We’ll always remember December 6, 2000. That’s when Oprah’s assistant called us in a panic, because she needed a rush order of fortune cookies for an upcoming episode. Could we do it? Of course we could do it. We rushed her personalized fortune cookies right out. For the icing on the cookie, Mike was also invited to be in the audience as Oprah’s special guest the day she used our fortune cookies.

Six months later, her assistant called again and ordered more fortune cookies for her most important cause, Oprah’s Angel Network. And they called a THIRD time in 2011 to use our cookies in O Magazine. Here are just a few of the over 50 personalized fortunes we printed just for Oprah.