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Our Founder’s Story

While he’s been known as many fun things in his various careers (Ringling Brothers clown, TV Show Host, Toy Inventor) Mike Fry might as well have been called Mr. Fortune Cookie. It was in 1988 that he had his “Aha!” moment after eating yet another dull, lifeless fortune cookie at his favorite Chinese restaurant. As all inventors do, he asked the simple question: How can I make this better? Being the creative guy that he was, he immediately realized that fortune cookies would be greatly improved if they were colored and flavored. Now of course, it took many years of tireless testing and development to master the art of baking fortune cookies. In fact, Mike was the first non-Asian to do so. Along the way, lots of flavors and colors were tried and discarded, but after all this time and serious taste testing, we know we’ve achieved the ultimate in all things fortune cookie.

Mike Fry lived an exciting life with a varied and entertaining career, and the theme that ran through all of it is JOY. It’s no accident his TV character was Happy the Hobo. He firmly believed that life is supposed to be fun and that his mission was to spread happiness—one fortune cookie at a time.

And that’s exactly what Mike did to everyone he met…

…and to his daughter Ella and wife Erin, who miss him every day.