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Why customized fortune cookies deliver great promotional value

1. We offer 12 different ways to customize fortune cookies for your clients.
2. Fortune cookies always get opened, and your messages will be read—again and again.
3. This unique, edible delivery method insures your promotions are memorable.
4. With 12 cookie colors, 17 color matched chocolate dipping choices and 25 flavors of fortune cookies, we can match your branding for your company or your event.

5. We can create custom packaging to further reinforce your branding.
6. In addition, we can provide complete fulfillment and blind drop shipping, saving you an extra step and saving you money.
7. Fortune cookies are an unexpected and fun way to communicate, and they’re guaranteed to bring smiles and good cheer to your recipients. Giving fortune cookies says: we’re not an ordinary company.

What we can customize for you

Messages inside each cookie
• Add a logo to your fortunes
• Print your fortunes in full color
• Print the flip side too
• Separate messages for contest winners and special promotions
• Imprinted cellophane wrappers
• Imprinted takeout boxes
• Unique packaging options

Mix and match colors, flavors, dipping, chocolate drizzles and sprinkles to get exactly what you want.
• Your choice of sprinkle flavors, colors and designs—we can match all sorts of events—pink ribbons, for example.
• Additional items can be inserted into giant fortune cookies—such as gift cards.
• With enough lead time, we can even create custom colors and/or flavors of fortune cookies. Peach vodka cookies anyone?

We’re an all-American company!

• We formulate, bake, decorate, package and ship all our own gourmet fortune cookies here in the U.S.A.
• We use only the freshest, highest quality ingredients—great taste is our first mission.
We don’t outsource anything—all our customer service reps are right here in our factory in Indiana.
We’ve been doing this since 1988—we invented colored and flavored fortune cookies, and we have the delighted repeat customers to prove it.

We guarantee your satisfaction.


We’d love to send our distributors a FREE sample pack to taste our delicious, gourmet fortune cookies. Just click the image below to request one.