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The World’s Best Fortune Cookies—You Will Taste The Difference

With 25 mouth watering flavors to choose from (plus any custom flavor you’d like us to create for you) Fancy Fortune Cookies can deliver the great taste you’re looking for. These are ALL proprietary gourmet flavors that we developed ourselves over many years of diligent taste testing, and we have to say we love them all.

Each one is baked using only the finest, freshest ingredients

While our competitors mass produce their cookies using the cheapest, least wholesome ingredients in order to keep costs as low as possible, we believe in baking the world’s best tasting fortune cookies—which has always been our mission.

Another thing that makes our fortune cookies the best is their freshness.

Most online sites selling fortune cookies get them from the same factory, where they pump out millions of cheap, generic cookies and warehouse them until needed. Who knows how long they sit around going stale? We guarantee your order will be carefully produced by hand in our Indianapolis bakery, and we guarantee it will be freshly baked.

Fruit flavors

• Lemon
• Orange
• Banana
• Strawberry
• Strawberry-Banana
• Raspberry
• Black Raspberry
• Blueberry
• Grape
• Cherry
• Green Apple
• Red Apple
• Fruit Punch

Classic flavors

• Traditional Vanilla
• Mint
• Peppermint
• gluten-free

Adult favorites

• Cappuccino
• Coconut
• Cinnamon
• Pumpkin Pie
• artisanal beer

Just for fun

• Root Beer
• Graham Cracker
• Bubble Gum
• Gingerbread


• Chocolate flavored
• Chocolate dipped—in either white, milk or dark fine Belgian chocolate. Want even more chocolate dazzle? Add another layer with contrasting chocolate drizzle for a dramatic, sophisticated look and taste.

Flavor extras…if you can dream it, we can bake it.



We offer dozens of delightful candy toppers for added color and fun. Some are simple geometric goodies, while others are sweet shapes such as hearts, shamrocks, pink ribbons or spooky bats. If you don’t see what you want on our sprinkle page, just ask—we can get virtually any design or color you can imagine.

Other toppings

Our gingerbread fortune cookies are dipped in chocolate then garnished with real, crumbled gingerbread cookies. For another classic treat, we top our gourmet fortune cookies with crushed peppermint candy for a trip down candy cane lane. For an adult delight, try our crushed hazelnut topping—ideal on cappuccino or chocolate cookies.

Caramel dipped

Our customers asked for it and we’ve delivered it—luscious, sweet caramel dipping. We think it’s especially fabulous on these flavors: of course red apple or green apple, cappuccino, chocolate, vanilla, graham cracker, gingerbread and our personal pick: pumpkin pie. See pricing here.

Our Customer Service Magicians will ensure you get the world’s best fortune cookies and help you make an unforgettable impression. HAVE QUESTIONS? We’ve got all the answers—contact one of our Customer Service Magicians now:

888-776-6611 then press 0.


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Original fortune cookie (vanilla).
Chocolate dipped original
(with or without sprinkles)
Gourmet flavors & colors.
Chocolate dipped flavors
(with or without sprinkles)