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Branding that looks—and tastes—great

Talk about internalizing your clients’ branding…not only can we match just about any color scheme, our gourmet fortune cookies also make a delicious taste impression.

When Volkswagen was planning their recent Parts & Service meeting in Dallas, they approached their Promotional Products Distributor looking for a unique and fun handout that could also incorporate a prize giveaway. So we were contacted to create custom fortune cookies for their VW Customer Experience booth.
We enjoyed whipping up a custom color of blue chocolate to dip them in, and once we added white drizzle, the cookies were a great match to their classic logo.

Of course the messages were customized, too, such as:
• Wholesale Parts CRM dealers are seeing a lift in sales and are breaking even in less than 2 months.
In addition, 50 cookies were added to their batch with special fortunes denoting them as winners:
• $500 off new enrollment ACTIVATE and Wholesale Parts CRM!! Must redeem at show.

Our cookies are always baked fresh by hand. No shortcuts!