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A wowie Maui promotion

This innovative sunglass company really used our colored fortune cookies to the nth degree in a rebranding promotion. This order is a great example of our superior organizational skills. To promote 8 different designs, we prepared 2-quart takeout boxes, each holding 16 cookies. The 16 cookies consisted of 8 different colors which matched the various sunglasses.

And each of the 16 cookies had a different fortune baked inside. And just to make it really interesting, the orders were divided into many different sized lots and shipped to stores all over the country. Trust us, don’t try this at home! Maui Jim began with a test order of about 1,000. That went well, so they placed an order for 24,000 fortune cookies, then reordered another 5,000.

Job specs
• 30,000 cookies baked in 8 different colors/flavors
• 16 cookies per 2-qt box
• All 16 cookies had unique fortunes, which were oversized and had to be printed in a special font
• Each fortune contained the name of one of the sunglasses as well as a selling point about it
• Complex split delivery to many locations