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Fancy Fortune Cookies is an Indiana based supplier to the North American promotional products industry. Our cookies and other promotional food items are represented through local Advertising Specialty and Promotional Products Distributors. For complete information and our current catalog, please have your promotional products distributors contact us.

If you are not currently working with a promotional products distributor and would like to be contacted by one of our distributors, e-mail us and we’ll forward your request to a promotional product distributor near you.

Our made in America cookies ship from our Indianapolis bakery, which insures their freshness.

A short history of our quarter century+ baking gourmet fortune cookies

Producing high-quality fortune cookies is a team effort, but for 24 years there was one driving force behind it all, and that’s founder and flavor inventor Mike Fry. Sadly, Mike passed away in 2012, but his wife Erin continues to run the business and carry on his legacy. She worked alongside him for eight years, so she is well versed in all things fortune cookie. You can read Mike’s story here. Now, after all this time and serious taste testing, we know we’ve achieved the ultimate in all things fortune cookie.

We bake the very best tasting fortune cookies on earth. No contest.

What we really sell are smiles. Though our Founder, Mike Fry, lived an exciting life with a varied and entertaining career, the theme that continues is JOY. It’s no accident his TV character was Happy the Hobo. He firmly believed that life is supposed to be fun and that his mission was to spread happiness—one fortune cookie at a time. Read how he invented flavored and colored fortune cookies here.

After all, who can resist opening a fortune cookie? Almost no one! The implicit promise nestled inside each tasty treat is a message of encouragement and optimism. We’re ready to help you spread some smiles among your customers. Contact us today—you’ll be happy you did. And that’s our promise to you.